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Lighter than a bottle, squeezable like a tube, Squeeze 200 ml further increases Eurovetrocap’s eco-designed product range and revamps the tottle category.

It consists in a slender, cylindrical and lightweight HDPE bottle that features a folding base. The flexible walls and innovative base design were thought as an invitation to squeeze and roll the bottle when nearly empty, maximizing the restitution rate of the formula. Squeezecan be paired with either a 24/410 dispensing cap (Lip, Lolly) or the Slim flush screwcap for using upside-down. A proper match for denser personal care formulas!

Squeeze was designed for recycling and boasts a 45% weight reduction compared to best-seller Cilindro Alto Slim 200, allowing for an average 37% cut in CO2 emissions, water consumption and fossil resource use. It can also be produced from post-consumer recycled HDPE.

Squeeze, a packaging solution that ticks all the boxes! Contact our Sales department to receive your samples.

Discover the Squeeze bottle and many new items during our next exhibitions!

Luxepack New York (10th-11th May 2023) – Booth E01 Hall 1A
Cosmetista Expo Casablanca
(27th-30th May 2023) – Booth A3 Hall 1
Cosmetic Business Munich (14th-15th June 2023) – Booth C04 Hall 3