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Richiesta Campioni

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Decoration and customisation

A portfolio of services dedicated to our clients to meet all their needs in terms of production efficiency and effectiveness.

We are able to meet your demands quickly

Our advanced warehouse management system together with our extensive inventory capacities allow us to respond to different market needs quickly and efficiently

+12.000 mq

goods warehouse


pallet spaces

+8.5 MLN €

investments in the last 3 years

+62 MLN

items sold each year


We offer endless product development solutions

Our designers are ready to support you in the development of your idea. We will create realistic renderings of your idea and then move on to rapid prototyping with 3D printers or CNC machines at our disposal. The possibilities of combining a wide variety of customised products with standard accessories will allow you to obtain a unique product while limiting the investment in new moulds. Why invest in many new moulds when it is possible to combine standard items with even partially customised accessories to create a unique and exclusive product?


customisable standard items


active clients