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People are our value

We strive every day to build a safe, open and inclusive working environment. We invest in training people in all departments, and we value skills, creativity and talent because we believe that the people who work here are our greatest asset.




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Giovanni Cattaneo


Carlo Cattaneo


Marco Cattaneo


Giampaolo Herrmann

Ceo and General Manager

Eleonora Cattaneo

Ceo Eurovetrocap France

Davide Di Cosola

Export Sales Director

Marco Vangi

Italia Sales Director- Subsidiary of Agliana

Annalisa Quadrelli

Italia Sales Manager

Ike Raccah

Make-up Sales Manager - Euromakeup

Deni Sala

Purchasing Manager

Andrea Di Cosmo

Supply Chain Manager

Anna Zizzi

Strategic Purchasing Manager

Massimo Iobizzi

Warehouse Manager

Pierluigi Grassi

Administrations Accounting and It Manager

Matteo Cattaneo

Strategic Finance Manager

Pierpaolo Foiani

Engineering and Development Manager

Donatella Garavaglia

Quality control manager

Adriano Noè

Infrastructure and Waste Manager

Simon Silvano

Coordinator of Eco-design & sustainability projects ZIP

Simone Guerzoni

Graphics Office Manager

Daniele Vittozzi

Assemblies and Silk-screen Printing Production Manager– Vetrocap

Bernardo Baccanti

Metallization Production Manager - Cromacap

Simon Dix

Responsabile filiale UK - Vetroplas Packaging


Environmentally friendly packaging

Not a trend to follow, but a commitment that we at Eurovetrocap passionately pursue by developing new forms of packaging that reduce, reuse and recycle more effectively to reduce environmental impact.

From here, in 2020, Zero In•Pack was born, an in-house laboratory for the development of packaging designed for recycling (up to 100% recyclable), recycled, refillable or lightened. We take advantage of the 4.0 philosophy by investing in machinery that allows us to renew processes, increase safety and reduce our environmental footprint.


Innovation & environmental care since 1940

The Cattaneo brothers founded the Cattaneo glassworks 

Our story begins in the 1940s when siblings Annibale, Paolo and Carla Cattaneo founded Vetreria Cattaneo in Milan’s central Via Gian Giacomo Mora. The production of mechanical hollow glass containers for the Italian market led them to develop the first semi-automatic and automatic production machines, which they later sold to other glassworks around the world.


1960 IVISC (Industria Vetraria Italiana San Cristoforo) was founded

The company expanded in the 1960s, taking the name IVISC (Industria Vetraria Italiana San Cristoforo) with headquarters in Trezzano sul Naviglio in a 40,000 square metre factory. Annibale’s three sons, Vanni, Carlo and Marco, became fascinated by the world of glass production and started working in the family business


Eurovetrocap Spa was founded

Thanks to the expertise they had acquired, the three Cattaneo brothers decided to found a new company to focus on the marketing and decoration of glass and plastic containers for the cosmetics industry. This is how Eurovetrocap Spa was born, in Trezzano sul Naviglio


Eurovetrocap opens a branch in Tuscany

The company continues to grow and opens a branch in Tuscany, dedicated to clients in central and southern Italy


Eurovetrocap France is founded

Eurovetrocap grows and opens its first branch abroad, in France.


The first packaging line dedicated to the world of Beauty is born 

Eurovetrocap creates its own range of packaging dedicated to the cosmetics world


Euromakeup is launched and Eurovetrocap’s presence in more than 120 countries increases

Eurovetrocap continues to grow in its various markets and increase its global presence in more than 120 countries. Euromakeup, a new company dedicated exclusively to make-up packaging, was born a few years later.


Eurovetrocap acquires Cromacap and Vetroplas.

Eurovetrocap acquires Cromacap, a company that has specialised in the metal plating and coating of articles for the cosmetics market for over 10 years. Eurovetrocap acquires Vetroplas, a company specialising in the distribution of cosmetic packaging in the UK.


Eurovetrocap publishes its first Sustainability Report

Eurovetrocap consolidates its commitment to sustainability and publishes its first sustainability report


Today, the group continues to grow

Today, Eurovetrocap is one of the 12% of Italian companies with a turnover of more than 50 million, with more than 100 employees, a branch in Tuscany, a business partner in Paris, a new sales office in New York and a sales force located in 30 countries and sales in 98 markets.