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Zero In•Pack

Packaging with reduced environmental impact


Innovative solutions
for packaging with reduced environmental impact.

Zero In·Pack is a laboratory within the Eurovetrocap group dedicated to eco-design. Our mission is to develop packaging with as little impact on the environment as possible. We are a team with a great vocation for environmental issues that has chosen the principles of the circular economy to take care of every aspect of our activities, from the products we offer to our own supply chain. We are constantly evolving to ensure that the impact of cosmetic packaging is always lower.




We guarantee sustainable solutions based on the Life-Cycle Assessment model, which quantifies the rate of environmental pollution in relation to the company’s production.

Know how

With the collaboration of experts, designers and environmental technicians, we have consolidated various packaging solutions inspired by the principles of eco-design: items with reduced weight, accessories and containers made of recycled material, refillable systems, single-material solutions designed for recycling. We support our clients in choosing the best possible solution that meets sustainability criteria without compromising the integrity of the formula and functionality of the packaging.


We strongly believe in continuous innovation to meet the ever-changing needs of the market and our clients. This is why our work starts from the design phase, taking into account the entire product life cycle, production, disposal and eventual reuse


Our sustainability promise is based on verifiable and reliable data and studies. We support our claims with simplified LCA studies of our products that allow us to compare our traditional solutions with those made following the 3R principles.