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Rounded Shoulders

Rounded Shoulders collects glass and plastic bottles and jars characterised by their cylindrical shape and rounded shoulders

The Rounded Shoulders Collection is a diverse selection of glass bottles and jars, comprising several product lines. These items have a cylindrical shape. Some of them have a slimmer silhouette, while others appear more robust. The change in wall thickness is a distinctive feature, with some bottles having thicker walls and others lighter. They all share the characteristic of rounded shoulders and bottom.

This design offers a simple elegance that has always accompanied facial and body care formulas, giving them an image of well-being, softness and pampering. The collection includes glass bottles such as Daniela and Round Bottle, HDPE bottles such as Daniela, PET bottles and jars such as Alex and jars with a rounded shape. With its variety of options, the Rounded Shoulders Collection offers a versatile solution for a wide range of products and applications in the cosmetics and personal care sector. Due to their shape and ergonomics, they are particularly suitable for children’s cosmetic and cleansing lines.


  • Simple and elegant shape
  • Easy to decorate
  • Stable