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The bottles of the Rita line, in glass, HDPE and PET, are all defined by an oval base and a simple yet distinctive two-sided curved shape

Bottles made of glass, HDPE and PET offer a simple yet distinctive design. All these bottles share an oval base and a curved two-sided shape, making them elegant and unique. The availability of specially designed lids for both glass and plastic bottles, together with the Rita flip top cap, allows for a container with an extremely ergonomic and harmonious final shape.

Lids for Rita glass jars are available with a glossy or embossed finish, allowing them to be perfectly matched to 50, 100 or 200 ml glass jars. In the case of plastic bottles, these have become bestsellers for a wide range of spray products, including deodorants and mosquito repellents, due to their functionality and practicality.


  • Distinctive design
  • More decorative space
  • Curved shape