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Richiesta Campioni

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The Laurence Collection offers a variety of cylindrical jars in glass and plastic.

One of Eurovetrocap’s bestsellers, these products are characterised by their slender but sometimes more robust features, and their generous thickness, although in some cases lighter. This classic yet ever modern line offers capacities ranging from 5 ml to 500 ml and includes a wide range of lids from the simplest, lightest and single-material to the most complex, weighted and aluminium-coated

It is our most comprehensive line, suitable for a wide range of purposes, including products for the face, body and hair. Thanks to the many available finishes and decorations, these products can be customised to meet the needs of different market sectors, from natural to high-end products. The line of Laurence jars perfectly matches that of the Laura bottles, our other bestsellers.


  • Eurovetrocap bestseller
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Available in various capacities