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Richiesta Campioni

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Eurovetrocap’s best-selling Laura Collection is characterised by glass bottles with a sleek, cylindrical design.

The Laura Collection offers a range of glass bottles available in different sizes: from 15 ml to 100 ml with 18/415 mouth and from 100 ml to 200 ml with 24/410 mouth that can be combined with a wide range of accessories, including droppers, spray pumps or dispensers and capsules. The Laura Collection is a classic, timeless option with an elegance that goes hand in hand with simplicity, which makes it extremely versatile. The Laura bottles perfectly complement the Laurence glass jars and the many plastic bottles and jars in our collection.

The availability of matching accessories, including caps, lids and pumps, suitable for jars and bottles, both glass and plastic, enables the production of uniform packaging formats suitable for a wide range of products.The multitude of finishing and customisation options make the Laura Collection extremely versatile and able to meet the needs of dermocosmetic, premium and natural brands.


  • Elegant
  • Premium design
  • Versatile