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Richiesta Campioni

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Characterised by rectangular shapes and sharp edges, the Kahlo collection includes slender glass bottles, a glass jar and PET bottles

The Kahlo Collection strikes the perfect balance between the simplicity of a round shape and the modernity of a square form. The bottles in this collection are distinguished by their four rounded sides, giving them a sleek, contemporary appearance. For optimum distribution of sprays, serums and creams, a specially designed pump and cap with the same characteristics as the bottle section was created, able to centre itself perfectly with the bottle once screwed in place.

This attention to detail is a distinctive element of the Kahlo Collection. The bottles in this collection are a perfect match for the PET bottles in the Klee line, which have a square cross-section but rounded edges, creating a harmonious aesthetic among the different packaging options available.


  • Rounded design 
  • Perfect for fragrances
  • Versatile