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December marks the conclusion of another successful year for Eurovetrocap, as the company continued its efforts on multiple fronts in 2023: sustainability, digitization, and product innovation.

Following the release of its first Sustainability Report last year, the company dedicated itself once again to this exercise. The document, finalized in the third quarter, tracks, measures, and discloses

all the efforts made by the company in favour of people and the environment in the year 2022. It also includes, for the first time, the three-year Strategic Sustainability Plan, comprising over 70 objectives across 16 themes. These themes include ensuring the ethics and integrity of business activities, developing products and processes with increasingly minimal impact, and prioritizing the well-being and health of employees. Discover the latest Sustainability Report.

Eurovetrocap also committed to launching its new website, a completely redesigned showcase presenting a wide range of products. The content-rich site not only highlights all packaging lines but also allows users to easily find the packaging solution that best meets their needs and configure it in real-time, selecting from hundreds of accessories and finishes.

On the product front, the company focused on developing increasingly innovative solutions,

often inspired by the principles of eco-design, and always designed with special attention to aesthetics. The latest addition to the catalogue is the Gigi aluminum overcap, designed for the world of perfumery. Equipped with its own FEA15 pump cap, it features ideal proportions – 28 mm in height and diameter – to add a touch of luxury and elegance to all perfume bottles. It is available in shiny silver, shiny gold, shiny black, and matte black finishes.

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